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SEO for WordPress: 6 Tips and Tricks

WordPress is the world’s largest Content Management system with a market share of 59.4 % as of April 2016. The WordPress powers more than 25% of the world’s entire websites and according to the Forbes, it is used by almost 75 million websites across the web. The WordPress.com’s non-English downloads have surpassed the number of English downloads….

Local SEO Guide for Small Business

From the way people look for information online to search engine algorithms, the internet is becoming a different world than it used to be. People are increasingly searching for local businesses and places nearby them and the search engines increasingly display results based on the location of business; hence, giving birth to Local SEO. …

Top 20 E-commerce Websites that American Shoppers Love

As technology is becoming ubiquitous, it is profoundly impacting commercial habits of the American shoppers. From the product research, evaluation, comparison to the way they pay for the purchase, digitization and new technology has completely changed the way Americans buy stuff. One of the trends that have quickly caught up is ‘e-commerce.’ …

10 Amazing E-commerce and Social-commerce Startups Based in Los Angeles

Last week, we curated a list of top 20 amazing e-commerce websites loved by American shoppers including the names of some of the biggest tech giants like eBay, Amazon, and Home depot. This time, we have decided to bring you something which is close to home, i.e., e-commerce websites from Los Angeles (LA). Los Angeles is among the top cities for online shopping….